Benefits of your Founder Status

Thank you to all our backers who have taken the time to take a look at our Plan B approach to getting “Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore” off the ground and, of course, those who put in their pledges once again.

Everyone who has backed “Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore” on Kickstarter and also joins us as a backer under our new plan will receive a special bonus as a Thank You token for their faith in us.

These backers will receive FOUNDER status, a unique status to proudly show to the world that they have believed in us from the first moment and that they have been supporting the project from its early inception. Among other things, the Founder status will be displayed as a banner in the Deathfire message boards.

But there is more, depending on their new pledge level, Founders will also receive a cool Founders Survival Kit, a set of starter items in the game that will give the


Founders pledging at the $15 to $35 level will receive a unique Survival Kit bag with nine extra inventory slots. The bag will contain the following items


  • Vial of Liquid Fortune: 60 minutes 10% bonus for skill and loot rolls, rare In-Game-Item
  • Oil of Endurance: removes the necessity to repair from one equipment piece, rare In-Game-Item
  • Potion of Angel Blood: add +1 to character main attribute, rare In-Game-Item


Founders pledging at the $50 to $100 level will also receive the Survival Kit bag. Only this time, in addition to the previously listed items, it also contains


  • Tome of Lore: 60 minutes party experience bonus, rare In-Game-Item
  • Rat-O-Mat: releases a pack of rats to distract and annoy Monsters and NPCs, unique Fun-Item
  • Nether Orb of Trade: creates an inter-dimensional connection to an NPC Trader, rare In-Game-Item


And finally, all Founders pledging more than $100 will receive the fully equipped Survival Kit bag with all of the previously listed items, as well as


  • Marble Wheel of Speed: 60 minutes walk- and run-speed bonus, rare In-Game-Item
  • Jewel of Greed: 5% bonus for looting extra gold, unique In-Game-Item
  • Nether Tear: mobile camp fire, decreases your resting time, unique In-Game-Item


We are also working on creating physical rewards at this point and an announcement to that effect will come forth shortly, so stay tuned.

Once again, thank you for your support and for believing in our vision. We are looking forward to welcoming you as a Founder in the “Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore” project and we thank you for making this journey possible. In return we will make sure to create a fascinating gaming experience that is worthy of the trust you put in us.

15 comments to Benefits of your Founder Status

  • Bonedragon  says:


  • Delmonico  says:

    Pledged back up to my kickstarter level.

    But… did we need to do anything to get Founder status?

  • dot71  says:

    Pledge $35 but my paypal account email is different than kickstarter account and account on this site. What should I do to get the Founder status? Sorry for my English.

  • ET  says:

    I think this is mentioned various times in different places but privileged items/abilities which gives advantages on the game play is rather problematic. IIRC, something similar happened in Kickstarter campaign.

    • Guido Henkel  says:

      None of these items provides particular advantages on the game play, especially since they can be fond later in the game by any player. If a player does not like the concept, he can easily ignore and toss these items. Since this is not a multi-player game where one player would have an advantage over others, I honestly fail to see why anyone would take exception with the idea that we simply would like to reward backers who have shown to be exceptionally supportive.

      • Vincent  says:

        You want to tell us that +1 attribute, +10% check etc wont give you any advantage just because after some hours of gameplay you might find the same item? You cant be serious. The problem is that some players just like to play a game how its meant to be played. You either balance the game for this +5% gold etc or not, you cant do both. And saying that you can simply drop those items, seriously, I really don’t want to make up some rules in order to play a proper game. I am a first day KS backer and moved my pledge over here, but I really start to understand why so many people have a problem with your attitude (I am sure you are reading the codex as well).

        • Mark  says:

          Vincent…how can any item/ability/cheat/anything be considered an advantage in a single player game? Totally does not make sense!

          If you want to play it in its purest form then dump the extras on your own. Otherwise let Guido & Company make their game.

          PS – Oh, and let the Supporters get their perks if they want them. I donated $55 because I have to have a physical copy of this forthcoming Masterpiece ;) That means I get some cool perks!!! Thanks for giving higher tier supporters something back. It is much appreciated. Just make a great game and everything else will not matter ;) Good luck and cannot wait!

  • Moriendor  says:

    Same here. Different e-mail addies for KS and PayPal. Please provide a process to link accounts. Thanks and best of luck with the new campaign! :)

  • Vilinthril  says:

    I’ve just backed the game for $75 and only afterwards noticed that paying $25 more would have got me the full set … any chance of an upgrade?

  • forgottenlor  says:

    Cool idea. When the backer website is up, I might raise my pledge.

  • Greylock  says:

    Also different email for KS and Paypal, so +1 on process to link for Founder status. Also may raise pledge amount once process in place to allow this without duplication.

  • Speedster  says:

    Later on when there are add-ons, will additional game copies have these bonus items as well?

  • Billy Spelchan  says:

    Yet another person who has a different email for my paypal than the one I used to back your project on Kickstarter. As suggested above, having a way to link the site account to paypal and kickstarter email addresses would be appreciated.

  • Vincent  says:

    Thanks for confirming the attitude problem I mentioned in my last post. Deleting critical postings, very professional and mature.

  • XK  says:

    Add me to the list of ‘different emails for paypal and kickstarter’. :)

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